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Our Beef is Certified Hereford 


We source much of our beef from Michigan or surrounding states.  As soon as the meat is received at Bob’s, we cut everything, vacuum seal it and freeze it.  This ensures that everything is the BEST quality you can possibly get. We do also have a fresh section of steaks and sometimes chicken and pork 

Incidentally, NONE of the products at Bob's are saline injected, unlike the big box stores.  Meat from them have a 8-20% saline solution added to their meat.  So, at Bob's, when you pay per pound, you are not paying for saline solution, you are paying for MEAT.  Additionally, since our meats are vacuum sealed and not on Styrofoam trays sitting in it's own blood, it you’re not paying for all that extra packaging either.   

As a result, we actually are LESS EXPENSIVE and BETTER QUALITY MEATS then at the big box stores!

We have found the Certified Hereford beef line to be very consistent in Flavor, Trim and Quality.

choice hereford beef
Fillet mignon


Our hamburger is made from 100% choice boneless chuck. we personally cut it, grind it, season it and package it here at Bob's. we carry 1/3 pound, 1/4 pound and 7oz. patties already formed.  We also have the following 1/3 lb flavored patties:

  • Bacon Cheddar Patties

  • Olive Patties

  • Onion Patties

  • Mushroom/swiss patties


we can always cut to order fresh Rib Eyes, Prime Rib, New York Strips, fillet mignon and Top Sirloin.  We also have our special seasoning that we can put on it for you if you request it. we will also give you cooking instructions if desire.  All of these can be cut to order while you wait or order them ahead and pick up with no wait.


Don't be afraid to ask for us to cut you something fresh!


  • Pinwheels (skirt steak, tenderized and rolled up and cut into a steak, VERY tender)

  • Boneless Prime Rib Cut to size and can be seasoned or not. We recommend 1lb. per person on sizing, and a 4# minimum.

  • Boneless Rib-Eye Steak Can be seasoned for you and cut to your specific thickness.  GREAT flavor and oh so tender

  • T-Bones

  • Porterhouse Steaks

  • New York Strips  

  • Fillet Mignon 

  • Tri-Tip Steaks, Seasoned or Not Once you try one of these, we guarantee you will be back for more! 

  • Boneless Chuck Roast 

  • Sliced Beef Brisket Heat & Eat - approx 1#/pkg

  • Flat Iron Steaks- These are know as the second tenderest muscle in the beef. Excellent Flavor and tenderness! 


  • All Beef Hot Dogs regular size (8 in a pkg)

  • Hot Dogs regular size (8 in a pkg.)

  • Jumbo Hot Dogs ¼ # (4 in a pkg)

  • Chili Cheese Dogs 

  • Bacon and Cheddar Patties 1/3# 

  • Mushroom and Swiss Patties-1/3#

  • Ground Chuck Patties (4 pkg ) 1/4 #

  • Ground Chuck Patties (3 pkg ) 7 oz

  • Ground Chuck Patties (4 pkg ) 1/3 #

  • Beef  Sausage (hot or regular)


  • Cowboy (Scott's favorite)

  • Original Basic, mild jerky 

  • BBQ

  • Jalapeno

  • Hot

  • Dill Pickle Tastes just like a dill pickle.

  • Teriyaki 

  • Prime Rib Season with our special seasoning we put on our prime ribs.

  • Maple

  • Peppered

  • General Tso Like General Tso Chicken

  • Mango Habanero A spicy and sweet blend

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